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Deer Lake Divorce and Custody Lawyer

Heartbreak can be hard on everyone involved. Make the separation process as simple as possible for both parties and children with our family law services. At James Goudie Law Office, we provide over 20 years of experience to help you navigate your divorce. We know it’s a difficult time and put as much care and attention as possible to our client’s needs.

We offer the following services for your separation:

Spousal support

Child support

Custody and visitation rights

Protection orders

Property division

Collaborative law

Alternative Dispute Resolution

ADR resolves any disputes outside the courtroom. This allows both parties to work together for a faster and more cost-efficient solution to any issues. We can act as a neutral person liaising with both parties or work as your attorney during a settlement conference.


Child Custody

In every family, the best interests of the child are always put first. We can help figure out custody agreements and visitation rights after a divorce or at any time there might be a change in situation. For prospective parents, we can help you process your adoption application and help educate you about adoption laws. We provide paternity services when there is a discrepancy over the biological claim over a child.

We offer more family services such as prenuptial agreement services and marriage licenses. Ask us about how we can serve and represent you.

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