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Over 20 Years of Legal Services in Deer Lake

Since 1996, James Goudie Law Office has provided clients in Deer Lake with affordable legal services and representation they can rely on. We want you to feel comfortable discussing any questions, concerns or issues surrounding your case because we are here to help. Our goal is to ensure you understand any agreements, contracts or documents, and that they are explained in your terms.

Legal Services

  • Real estate law: As our main specialty, let us help you with the purchase, selling, or transfer of your property. 
  • Wills and estates: Secure the future of your estate by preparing a will, or use our services to contest one. 
  • Family law: Make the separation process easier for both parties and children with our divorce and custody services
  • Criminal law: From driving offenses to violent crimes, let us help you navigate your criminal charges

Our devotion is to the needs of our clients and putting them at ease. There are many factors as to why people seek legal counsel—we are interested in yours. Call us for an appointment today .

Compassionate Service

The legal system shouldn’t have to be intimidating or costly. Our team members are friendly professionals who put your needs and budget first.

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